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Hello. My girls and I would like to say thank you very much for providing us with the new addition to our family - Wilson. He is a growing boy that is very energetic, fun, and active with the girls. He is also very mild mannered, gentle, and loving with them as well. His addition to our household has been very exciting and he seems to fit right in! Thank you again for the time and effort you and Peter placed into our family receiving a great feline addition from Snow Tundra Bengals!

Dajuan and "The Girls"

Anyone who is considering a Bengal should check out Snow Tundra Bengals. Hermina and Peter truly love their Bengals. They are not kept in cages, fed top quality food, and routinely tested for medical issues. The kittens are well socialized and used to human contact. My two kittens were from two different litters and I was concerned about how they would get along. The introduction went well and a week later they were best buddies!

Having two Bengals around makes for a fun house because they are very active cats and play, play, play! I had no problem adapting Kona or Kalani to a walking jacket although Kona definitely prefers walking outside more than Kalani. They sleep with me every night and are so soft and have such beautiful glitter. I love my little lovebugs!

- Julie

This is Yeezy.

We fell in love with him the moment we laid eyes on him. Not only is he the most beautiful kitten anyone's ever seen, but he is the sweetest, most playful and intelligent. He plays fetch for minutes on end with his favorite shoelace and/or fuzzy ball. Shoelaces are his favorite; even if it is still in your shoe, your sweatshirt or the drawstring to your pants! He likes to watch the snow fall and people walking outside from our giant windows. He is very helpful in everything you do-like when you just finish the laundry, he likes to roll around in the pile of clean clothes while you are folding them. And when making the bed, he likes to help you by crawling under the sheets. When Yeezy is not chasing his own tail like a dog, he loves to have it pet. He is a snuggle bug and will sleep with you throughout the night and will not get up until you do. Thank you Hermina, as you can see we are in love with our handsome prince! We couldn't have asked for a better kitty!

Many thanks,
Nikki Petrich & Brittney Veilleux
Boston, MA

Yeezy Yeezy

Hello Hermina hope all is well. Just an update on Nala she has adjusted wonderfully. She is extremely energetic and playful, while also being loving and affectionate we love her very much.

Jason Marion

Hi Hermina!

Sorry I've been lagging on getting back to you! - The holidays, work, family visiting! Odin is out've this world perfect! He's so loving and already so attached to people. I picked up tons of Royal canned food, pumpkin, and have the packets on order :)

He eats like a little beast! It's so funny to hear the noises that come outve him also.... He's a couple more over the past few days!

Holly Testerman
Coconuts Coconuts

Olive Olive Again we cannot thank both of you so much for such a great and hilarious kitten. Olive has easily become another family member, and boy is she growing! Her coloring changes every week and boy is she beautiful. Thank you for the Christmas card! I say every year I will do cards, so next year we will send cards hahahha. I know this breed cat isn't supposed to be a "lap cat" but let me tell you, Olive at night loves sitting on either my lap or Joey's lap and watching our new obsession show "wicked tuna" ... I think she's like to catch one hahaha. Happy new year, and it is going to be a great one!

Joey, Shannon, and , Emma


Lilly Lilly I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you do raising your kittens from birth until they are ready go to their forever homes. Because of your true dedication in socializing them and being there at the most important time in their lives we were blessed to have gotten such a wonderful kitten from you! Brady is the most affectionate, loving cat you could ever have ( not to mention that he is so handsome) Don't get me wrong Brady is active and loves his play time, very vocal and he loves to talk to you but also very dedicated, he never leaves my side, and sleeps on my lap every moment that he gets, a true snuggler. He also loves his older kitty brother PJ and big kitty sister Abbi, he is always eager to give them plenty of kisses.

Thank you Hermina & Peter for putting your heart & soul into Snow Tundra Bengals and looking forward to adding a new addition to our "furry kids".

Gail & Anthony
Rhode Island

Kamali Jasmeen Kamali Jasmeen I can't recommend this breeder or these kittens enough! I have one of this litter, my Kamali Jasmeen, and she is the best socialized and healthiest kitten ever! And among the most extraordinarily beautiful. She is a joy. Thank you Snow Tundra for my great baby Cat.


Lilly Lilly Snow Tundra Bengals has great Bengal Cats. We purchased a kitten over a year ago and have been completely satisfied. The cat is so friendly and follows us around all the time. He gets along great with our English Sheepdog. He is well mannered and intelligent. Dealing with Snow Tundra Bengals was a very pleasant experience. The Cats were as represented and the questions we had were answered. The cats are their lives and it shows in the quality and commitment to the animals. Indeed we are getting another cat from Snow Tundra Bengals in January to add as a playmate for the one year old we bought last year. Don't hesitate with this group. Just get on board and sign up a cat because they go fast and folks fly in from all over to get them.

Jeffrey and Yuliya

Dear Hermina,

First we would like to thank you for everything you have done, and second, all we can say is WOW. We can't believe what an amazing boy Cosmo has become. At 8 months he is already 11 pounds of muscle, and stretches 30 inches from nose to tip of his tail. He really looks like the pictures of RW SGC Alter Mystical Illusion. His rosettes get more distinct each month and he still has his glitter. Cosmo is an outstanding example of the Snow Lynx-point Bengal breed.

Floyd He plays in the water and tries to climb in the shower. Besides eating, his favorite pastime is fetching. He will bring his sponge ball, kitty spring, or mouse back to us to throw over and over and over! He can easily jump five feet off the floor to catch his feather toy. He sleeps in bed curled up next to us, usually under the covers. His purr is so loud it sometimes wakes us at night. Truly he is an amazing and beautiful cat and we love him dearly! We can't imagine our life without having Cosmo and the joy he brings.

Thank you for this wonderful boy.

Dave and Beth

Good Morning Hermina,

LillyI just wanted to reach out and let you know that Lilly has adapted well to the household and sleeps on the bed with us every night now. All of her shots have been given up to date and she is a healthy growing kitten. She loves Sarah and follows her all around the house. She also likes Sarah to pick her and carry her around from time to time.I will sent you the certs from the vet once we get Lilly spayed. Have the rest of the kittens found homes ? I hope all is well !



John R.
Douglas, MA 01516


Floyd is doing great he is running around like crazy, loves to jump on the blankets and the box I have in the window for him, he is eating good and drinking his water.

FloydHe love to play so much and boy o boy is he quick and a good climber...he is a beautiful little boy -Glenn is sleeping with him every night he loves to play and then he settles down and sleeps right next to him. Floyd wakes right up to glens alarm and glenn usually hits the snooze a couple time but all that means is its play time for Floyd... he kisses Glenn on the face in the morning and jumps all over him.

Did I tell you the vet lady he saw at my vets office "loved" him...she said to Glenn "oh- I don't want to give him back to you" lol ...she really liked him

Well let me go check on him right now I heard something fall upstairs, I just figured I drop you a not to tell you he is doing great



KayaKaya is the most wonderful kitten. She's clearly beautiful and she has the greatest disposition. While she loves to play with us she also cuddles with me and sleeps on top of me. She seems to like everyone. She is especially fascinated by my dog , she can't stop staring at him . He's not at all interested. I consider myself very lucky to have her. I recently tried to bring her in my backyard with a harness and leash that did not go over well, she cried and I took her inside. I will post pictures of her soon. The problem has been that the pictures I have taken so far don't do her any justice.



BradyI just retreived my home email and yes I got the pictures! thank you! They look so big and beautiful, I hope they get good homes! Brady weighs 4 1/2 lbs Mystic & Buddy are big boys! How are Lilly, Gabby (I don't know how to spell or say her new name) & Floyd? Brady is such a lap cat and a snuggler- I'm so happy and I hope he stays that way as he grows up!

They love him so much at OSVS- we dropped him off at 8:00am they called me as soon as he was done at 10:30 and said they wrapped him up like a little baby & that he looked soooooooooooooooo cute & cudely and you know me I called every hour to get an update and no matter who answered the phone they couldn't tell me enough how cute he is, then when we picked him up it took 30 minutes for them to get Brady to us because they said everyone in the back had to kiss him goodbye! Haha

Did you notice on the discharge slip at the bottom the clause the Dr. put in about Brady? haha Just for curiosity what is the average cost of a neuter?


BradyWe are so thankful to have met Peter and Hermina Hart from Snow Tundra Bengals. We had the good fortune of adopting Honeybee into our home. She is extremely affectionate, very social and always entertains anyone who stops by. Honeybee follows me from room to room in my house and always likes to be where the action is. She even likes water. Honeybee is probably the only cat to have her own collection of rubber ducks that she enjoys playing with in the bath tub providing there is enough water in the bathtub for her to bat her rubber ducks around. Honeybee only drinks from her water fountain or a running faucet. She has made a wonderful addition to our family and enjoys playing with her kitty sisters, Bella and Delilah.

Ginger from Scarborough, Maine


NikoHi Hermina, Gene and I would like to say Thank You for a wonderful, fun, loving and gentle little kitten. Niko has brought nothing but laughter and plenty of kitty kisses (which he gives freely) especially if he's done something that he wasn't suppose to. ( Such as playing with the phone) He pushes the phone out of the cradle then proceeds to knead the buttons until he makes contact. When we hear the beep,beep of the buttons we have to run and hang up the phone... because alas, Niko doesn't care if its day or night, and people just don't seen to believe that its the cat calling and not us ( go figure !!) You and Peter have been wonderful. You have answered all of our questions (and there have been plenty) . Hermina the love and devotion that you have for your kittens, the way they are cared for and the love that you give each and everyone of them makes your cattery special...A step above the rest in our eyes. People like you are few and far between.

A Grateful Bengal owner
Waterville Me.


ShayHermina, Thank you for my "beautiful boy" Shay. He is the most gorgeous cat, his markings are amazing. Everyone who comes over is in awe of his look and personality. He loves everbody and keeps everyone entertained while they are here. My vet thought he was a handsome cat, and the girls in the office were still talking about him as I was going out the door. He is wonderful with my grandkids, and loves to be around them. I can't imagine Shay not being with us, he has fit so nicely into our home, and gets along great with my other two cats. They chase each other, and it looks funny to see Shay chasing them, because he's still small. When I get home from work and he hears my voice, he meow's over and over, wanting my attention. He sometime's sleeps cuddled up to me at night, other nights he sleeps in his tree house, which he loves. Hermina, thanks for everything, all the e-mails and question's you have answered. You have been wonderful. So glad I found Snow Tundra Bengal's.



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