Sorry I've been lagging on getting back to you! - The holidays, work, family visiting! Odin is out've this world perfect! He's so loving and already so attached to people. I picked up tons of Royal canned food, pumpkin, and have the packets on order 🙂

He eats like a little beast! It's so funny to hear the noises that come outve him also.... He's a couple more over the past few days!

Holly Testerman

Hello Hermina hope all is well. Just an update on Nala she has adjusted wonderfully. She is extremely energetic and playful, while also being loving and affectionate we love her very much.

Jason Marion

Hello. My girls and I would like to say thank you very much for providing us with the new addition to our family - Wilson. He is a growing boy that is very energetic, fun, and active with the girls. He is also very mild mannered, gentle, and loving with them as well. His addition to our household has been very exciting and he seems to fit right in! Thank you again for the time and effort you and Peter placed into our family receiving a great feline addition from Snow Tundra Bengals!

Dajuan and "The Girls"

Anyone who is considering a Bengal should check out Snow Tundra Bengals. Hermina and Peter truly love their Bengals. They are not kept in cages, fed top quality food, and routinely tested for medical issues. The kittens are well socialized and used to human contact. My two kittens were from two different litters and I was concerned about how they would get along. The introduction went well and a week later they were best buddies!

Having two Bengals around makes for a fun house because they are very active cats and play, play, play! I had no problem adapting Kona or Kalani to a walking jacket although Kona definitely prefers walking outside more than Kalani. They sleep with me every night and are so soft and have such beautiful glitter. I love my little lovebugs!