We are a small cattery located in Lisbon Falls, Maine about twenty minutes from L.L.Bean. We have owned bengal cats for over 15 years and love the breed. We have reached a point in our lives where we are able to spend the time and money on a bengal cattery we decided to start dedicated to the betterment of the bengal breed. The health of our bengal cats is our first priority. We do not inbreed to get the look of the cat. This is just gambling with the health of the kittens and will show up in health issues of future generations.

The temperament of the kittens is also a top priority as our kittens get spoiled with lots of attention from the day they are born. Our bengal cats are not kept in cages. We have a stud room for our males with windows surrounding the room and tile from the floor to the ceiling that gets steam cleaned on a regular basis. We do not do stud service. There are no outside cats permitted in our cattery. Visits to our cattery are limited to people who have an interest in adopting our bengal kittens. Bengal cats are very active. They love to play and need much attention.

If you are looking for a fun and loving companion to interact with you family, a bengal cat is the right choice for you. The bengal cat likes company at all times, so you may find you have to get two of them. We also raise our cats on only the highest quality wet and dry cat food as nutrition will affect the health and lifepspan of your bengal cat and we want your bengal kitten to live a long and healthful life.
Hermina and Peter Hart