Hermina, Thank you for my "beautiful boy" Shay. He is the most gorgeous cat, his markings are amazing. Everyone who comes over is in awe of his look and personality. He loves everbody and keeps everyone entertained while they are here. My vet thought he was a handsome cat, and the girls in the office were still talking about him as I was going out the door. He is wonderful with my grandkids, and loves to be around them. I can't imagine Shay not being with us, he has fit so nicely into our home, and gets along great with my other two cats. They chase each other, and it looks funny to see Shay chasing them, because he's still small. When I get home from work and he hears my voice, he meow's over and over, wanting my attention. He sometime's sleeps cuddled up to me at night, other nights he sleeps in his tree house, which he loves. Hermina, thanks for everything, all the e-mails and question's you have answered. You have been wonderful. So glad I found Snow Tundra Bengal's.


Hi Hermina, Gene and I would like to say Thank You for a wonderful, fun, loving and gentle little kitten. Niko has brought nothing but laughter and plenty of kitty kisses (which he gives freely) especially if he's done something that he wasn't suppose to. ( Such as playing with the phone) He pushes the phone out of the cradle then proceeds to knead the buttons until he makes contact. When we hear the beep,beep of the buttons we have to run and hang up the phone... because alas, Niko doesn't care if its day or night, and people just don't seen to believe that its the cat calling and not us ( go figure !!) You and Peter have been wonderful. You have answered all of our questions (and there have been plenty) . Hermina the love and devotion that you have for your kittens, the way they are cared for and the love that you give each and everyone of them makes your cattery special...A step above the rest in our eyes. People like you are few and far between.


We are so thankful to have met Peter and Hermina Hart from Snow Tundra Bengals. We had the good fortune of adopting Honeybee into our home. She is extremely affectionate, very social and always entertains anyone who stops by. Honeybee follows me from room to room in my house and always likes to be where the action is. She even likes water. Honeybee is probably the only cat to have her own collection of rubber ducks that she enjoys playing with in the bath tub providing there is enough water in the bathtub for her to bat her rubber ducks around. Honeybee only drinks from her water fountain or a running faucet. She has made a wonderful addition to our family and enjoys playing with her kitty sisters, Bella and Delilah.


I just retreived my home email and yes I got the pictures! thank you! They look so big and beautiful, I hope they get good homes! Brady weighs 4 1/2 lbs Mystic & Buddy are big boys! How are Lilly, Gabby (I don't know how to spell or say her new name) & Floyd? Brady is such a lap cat and a snuggler- I'm so happy and I hope he stays that way as he grows up!

They love him so much at OSVS- we dropped him off at 8:00am they called me as soon as he was done at 10:30 and said they wrapped him up like a little baby & that he looked soooooooooooooooo cute & cudely and you know me I called every hour to get an update and no matter who answered the phone they couldn't tell me enough how cute he is, then when we picked him up it took 30 minutes for them to get Brady to us because they said everyone in the back had to kiss him goodbye! Haha