This is Yeezy.

We fell in love with him the moment we laid eyes on him. Not only is he the most beautiful kitten anyone's ever seen, but he is the sweetest, most playful and intelligent. He plays fetch for minutes on end with his favorite shoelace and/or fuzzy ball. Shoelaces are his favorite; even if it is still in your shoe, your sweatshirt or the drawstring to your pants! He likes to watch the snow fall and people walking outside from our giant windows. He is very helpful in everything you do-like when you just finish the laundry, he likes to roll around in the pile of clean clothes while you are folding them. And when making the bed, he likes to help you by crawling under the sheets. When Yeezy is not chasing his own tail like a dog, he loves to have it pet. He is a snuggle bug and will sleep with you throughout the night and will not get up until you do. Thank you Hermina, as you can see we are in love with our handsome prince! We couldn't have asked for a better kitty!

Nikki Petrich & Brittney Veilleux