Snow Tundra Bengals has great Bengal Cats. We purchased a kitten over a year ago and have been completely satisfied. The cat is so friendly and follows us around all the time. He gets along great with our English Sheepdog. He is well mannered and intelligent. Dealing with Snow Tundra Bengals was a very pleasant experience. The Cats were as represented and the questions we had were answered. The cats are their lives and it shows in the quality and commitment to the animals. Indeed we are getting another cat from Snow Tundra Bengals in January to add as a playmate for the one year old we bought last year. Don't hesitate with this group. Just get on board and sign up a cat because they go fast and folks fly in from all over to get them.

Jeffrey and Yuliya

I can't recommend this breeder or these kittens enough! I have one of this litter, my Kamali Jasmeen, and she is the best socialized and healthiest kitten ever! And among the most extraordinarily beautiful. She is a joy. Thank you Snow Tundra for my great baby Cat.


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you do raising your kittens from birth until they are ready go to their forever homes. Because of your true dedication in socializing them and being there at the most important time in their lives we were blessed to have gotten such a wonderful kitten from you! Brady is the most affectionate, loving cat you could ever have ( not to mention that he is so handsome) Don't get me wrong Brady is active and loves his play time, very vocal and he loves to talk to you but also very dedicated, he never leaves my side, and sleeps on my lap every moment that he gets, a true snuggler. He also loves his older kitty brother PJ and big kitty sister Abbi, he is always eager to give them plenty of kisses.

Thank you Hermina & Peter for putting your heart & soul into Snow Tundra Bengals and looking forward to adding a new addition to our "furry kids".

Gail & Anthony

Again we cannot thank both of you so much for such a great and hilarious kitten. Olive has easily become another family member, and boy is she growing! Her coloring changes every week and boy is she beautiful. Thank you for the Christmas card! I say every year I will do cards, so next year we will send cards hahahha. I know this breed cat isn't supposed to be a "lap cat" but let me tell you, Olive at night loves sitting on either my lap or Joey's lap and watching our new obsession show "wicked tuna" ... I think she's like to catch one hahaha. Happy new year, and it is going to be a great one!

Joey, Shannon, and , Emma